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Urgent measures to promote cultural patronage

Born in 2014 to support patronage in favor of cultural heritage, the art bonus is a tax credit for donations of money in support of culture and entertainment. Thanks to the art bonus, those who make donations in cash to support culture enjoy important tax benefits in the form of a tax credit.


Liberal disbursements that give the right to credit

The Art Bonus provides a tax credit of 65% for donations in favor of: Maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets; museums, archaeological sites, archives and public libraries; public theaters and lyric symphonic foundations.


Do you want to become a patron?

To make a donation in support of culture, it is necessary to identify the intervention (the public cultural asset or the support activity or the public entertainment structure) that you want to support with the donation and, in accordance with the provisions of the law that regulates the Art bonus, contact the beneficiary and agree with him the details of the disbursement. Visit the official website for more information.


Tax advantage and great values

Tax benefit for all, simple procedure, tangible results, citizens closer to culture, participation, civic sense, corporate social responsibility: there are many reasons that have already led thousands of Italians to donate with the Art Bonus. Art Bonus is the most advantageous tax relief launched by the Italian state to support culture, and it is up to everyone.


Legislative Decree 31 May 2014 n. 83

Legislative Decree 31 May 2014 n. 83, “Urgent provisions for the protection of cultural heritage, the development of culture and the relaunch of tourism”, converted with amendments into Law no. 106 of 29 July 2014 and subsequent amendments