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Archaeological Park of Monte Sannace

The Archaeological Park of Monte Sannace holds one of the most important indigenous sites of the Pre-Roman Peucezia.
The settlement has returned evidence of a very broad chronological period that, starting from the Iron Age, reaches up to the first – imperial Roman age.

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The maximum prosperity of the site dates back to the VI-III centuries BC. and in particular to the Hellenistic phase. From the second half of the 4th century BC, Monte Sannace is surrounded with defensive walls that delimit the subdivision of the center into acropolis and inhabited area, located to the west. The landscape is another important element of the site, since the park offers visitors the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the scenery of the Murgia.
Affected since the nineteenth century by illegal excavations and looting, the area was the subject of a first excavation intervention in 1929 by Michele Gervasio. The subsequent research campaigns were conducted by the Archaeological Superintendence from 1957 to 1961, under the direction of Bianca Maria Scarfì, subsequently resumed in 1976 in the lower city area and in 1978 on the Acropolis. Since 1994, The University of Bari “Aldo Moro” has been present with its archeological construction site.

Photo Gallery

Detail of the painted decoration on the internal walls of the semi-chamber tomb (T. 8): on a dark blue background, a series of paterae alternating with bucrania.

Large semi-chamber tomb (T. 8) of the Hellenistic period with plastered and painted walls, on the acropolis of Monte Sannace.

Aerial photo of a portion of the acropolis, in the center of the plateau, with its complex stratification, which reveals the multiplicity of functions from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period.


The itinerary includes a mainly archaeological and a naturalistic itinerary.
In the first case the visitor has the opportunity to observe the topographical configuration e the structural characteristics of the ancient city; in the second, to appreciate the naturalistic-environmental qualities of the place as a whole and to reach viewpoints to observe the scenery. Both routes start from the Masseria Montanaro, located by the main entrance of the Park, and wind between the plains and hills, crossing and, sometimes, overlapping.
The area of ​​the ancient city destined to be an Archaeological Park has been the subject of numerous interventions by restoration and enhancement that led, besides a better knowledge of the visible remains, to the extension of the parts that can be visited, to the construction of suitable didactic equipment and services for public reception. Research, restoration, enhancement interventions and promotion are still in progress.

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