Ministry of Culture
General Directorate

Regional Directorate of Puglia Museums

Director Luca Mercuri
Via Pier l’Eremita, 25/B, 70122 Bari
+39 0805285231

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How to reach us

Some useful information to get to our office

To reach the former Convent of San Francesco della Scarpa in Bari by public transport (bus), you can calculate the routes in real time on the website

LBari Central Station is about 15 minutes away by car. For more information

Bari Palese Airport is about 25 minutes away by car. For more information


Via Pier l'Eremita, 25/B - 70122 Bari

Regional Directorate for Museums

Director Luca Mercuri (Download cv in PDF format)

Via Pier l'Eremita, 25/B, 70122 (Bari)

+39 0805285231